Best 3 Photo Editing Apps on iPhone

I’m often asked: what camera did you use for this photo? And many are surprised when I reply ‘my iPhone’! Here’s a list of my what I think are the best 3 photo editing apps on iPhone!

Before I purchased my mirrorless camera, I used a Canon 60D. I loved it, but it was a large camera, and I didn’t enjoy carrying it around everyday (I rarely carry purses, and make Johnny hold all my cards when we go out for dinner). I learned to love my iPhone and it quickly (upgrade after upgrade) became my favourite camera.

Before last year, every photo on my Instagram was taken with my iPhone, and I was proud of it (still am). Haters said it was photoshopped, and I just said it was a mix of great lighting and the magic of mobile photo editing apps.

See iPhone photos below:


Though these days I’ve been practicing my photography on my camera and not my phone, the majority of my photos on the gram are still edited via mobile apps.

Here are the 3 photo editing apps on my iPhone that I use daily to get it done:


This is my go-to app for cleaning up photos. Whether it’s a smudge on a shoe, or a little something in the background of a photo you want to remove, the healing tool in this app is what I use!


Of all my apps, I’ve invested the most amount of money into this one! I use VSCO Cam for almost every photo I post! The best part of the app are the filters. The starter pack is free, but I’ve purchased quite a few over the years and know it’s my favourite tool in the box.

Filters (like on Instagram) are pre-packaged edits for your photos. You can control ‘how much’ of the filter you want applied, and then make fine adjustments using the rest of their tools.

I’ll usually crop my photo (for Instagram dimensions) ahead of time, and straighten it out before importing it into Instagram.


Instagram has done a really great job over the past iterations on really improving its editing app. If needed, I usually adjust exposure, contrast, saturation, and highlighting right before uploading it for my feed. I find that it performs better than most apps with precision and quality.

And that’s it. No real secrets, just too much time spent on Instagram.

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