Sidway Swim: One Bikini Fits All

Finding the perfect bikini used to be the worst type of shopping, until Sidway Swim. Complimenting all body types, Sidway Swim covers it all.

Finding a swimsuit that makes one feel confident (and secure) is tough (for both men and women) – especially when the majority of swimwear is sized from extra small to large. It’s literally a bra (which usually come in 1309823498 sizes and fits), and underwear (my small butt is not the same as Mary’s not so small butt, which might be okay with underwear since one usually doesn’t have to parade in just that).

On our recent trip to the Bahamas, a lot of swapping of clothes and bathers took place, but the one that magically not only fit us, but looked great on all of us, was this hot number from Sidway Swim. Trust me when I say the 4 of us gals have completely different body types (some of us have six packs, some of us don’t, some of us are over 5 feet 1, some of us aren’t), yet when on, the swim suit looked sewn onto our bodies, specifically for each of us.

Complimenting all body types, especially those blessed with curves, Sidway is the only brand I’ve had the pleasure of sampling that actually covers it ALL – I didn’t feel the need to hide under cover ups (there was the occasional child and family that intruded on our pretend private beach), but I still felt dang cute. I’m in love with these pieces and I want more.

Now here’s a series of Mary, now a Sports Illustrated model, probably, wearing the Janet Halter Top, and Linda Bottoms.

sidway swim exuma bahamas

sidway swim mary young

sidway swim jolly hall beach

Sidway Swim Bikini